Interesting May

It’s getting to be that time of year when “taking the afternoon off” means entertaining the idea of stopping around 4pm after a 5am start, and not actually stopping until 9. When the house and the baby and our clothes are covered in dirt and dirty laundry is everywhere (okay let’s face it, that’s always true) but we’re starting to be fueled by GREENS. We are like greens-eating monsters. We eat our market leftovers by the bin. We have a salad bowl the size of a bath tub.

This Spring has been pretty weird. Last week we had snow and this week we’ll be getting temperatures up to 28C. In our climate there is basically no natural window for cool season crops like spinach and peas because NO SPRING. Swing, more like. These crops can really only reliably be grown earlier in a greenhouse.

Fraser is running around in the dark right now trying to get power to our school bus camper that has been prepared for habitation by our friend Dan Smeby who has come to help us (Hallelujah). He’s really the only reason we’re miraculously on top of things… finally. I think that deserves a little hydro. Our little yellow brick house is full to the brim with MacLeods and Frasers and Dan’s been camped out in the living room while he’s been preparing the bus. It looks fantastic!!!

We’ve been going to the Trinity Bellwood’s Farmers’ Market these last few weeks and also hit up our first Collingwood Downtown Farmers’ Market this Saturday where our transplants sold like hotcakes! Everybody in Collingwood is gardening on May 24 weekend.


I’m pretty excited about this week. We’re planting out most of my flower transplants and seeding a big wave directly into the garden. I am SO excited for the flowers. And I love love love seeing everything go into the ground in our neat little intensively spaced garden beds in their perfect little rows. It is so aesthetically geometrically and wild pleasing.


Glynis MacLeod

Farmer, flower picker, dreamer, thinker, lover of 19th c. Russian literature.


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