Why do we farm?

Fraser and I were talking about website content today and he said we should write something about why we farm. “Why do we farm?” I asked. “Why do you farm?” We thought for a minute and then he said, “because I love it!”.

There are a whole slew of reasons why we think farming is important, but you know what? At the end of the day we farm because we just love it. That fact has been hitting me when I’m in the veggie processing room jamming to my ipod at 7:30 in the morning and random times like that. I’m happy, so happy doing this.

I think every other career choice I’ve entertained has at some point come to bore me, and even scare me at the prospect of future boredom. But when you’re farming, you really don’t know what’s going to happen. You can plan meticulously, but every day is different, and every day is unpredictable. You wait anxiously as crops grow and then one day boom, a vegetable exists, or a flower is blooming. It seems to come out of nowhere and suddenly you’re spending hours harvesting and preparing it and it goes to market and into someone’s home all in a matter of a day or two. How could that ever get boring?

The part I find the hardest is that next year won’t come soon enough so I can do better, learning from all the mistakes we’re making this year. There is always a push to do better, perfection will never be achieved. There will always be new challenges too: new weeds, new pests, new diseases. It’s funny – it all sounds horrible! Unpredictable, risky, never ending challenges, absolutely no chance of perfection. I guess that’s why you have to love it do to it all, because it’s kind of crazy.


Ursula in planting bags.


Glynis MacLeod

Farmer, flower picker, dreamer, thinker, lover of 19th c. Russian literature.


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