In this blog post I am reviving the memory of my former self, digging around in my parent’s front yard, and giving her advice on how to have some success
I know a lot of market gardeners who want to add flowers to their garden but don’t know a lot about them. I’ve been there! Order a few things that
I can imagine why you might want to grow cut flowers; to go out into your garden on a golden summer evening, clippers in hand, and hunt for ripe blooms
I wanted to write a post about seeds for all of you who grow gardens or are curious about the origins of the crops we grow on our farm. In many
  Despite one of the driest seasons on record, the garden is producing. Though there are lots of crops we don’t have, and a lot of crops that aren’t as
Fraser and I were talking about website content today and he said we should write something about why we farm. “Why do we farm?” I asked. “Why do you farm?”
It’s getting to be that time of year when “taking the afternoon off” means entertaining the idea of stopping around 4pm after a 5am start, and not actually stopping until
For vegetable and flower farmers the growing season doesn’t start in the garden. It starts long before the soil can be worked in greenhouses and indoors, in pots and plug