Eat them raw

Peel (or not). Beets are pretty firm so grated is best, or cut into tiny matchstick slivers. Put them in a salad.


Boil them

Fraser hates boiled food but I say beets are an exception. They are so firm and earthy that boiling makes them tender and sweet. Don’t peel or cut, just throw them whole into water and boil for quite awhile, 40 minutes or so, until a fork slides in smoothly. Skin will peel off, cut how you like, smother in butter, salt & pepper. Delicious on their own.


Roast them

Parboil them whole for 10-20 minutes before roasting, especially if you’re making mixed veg. The skin will peel off, cut into wedges or cubes. Coat in oil, salt & pepper and roast at 450 until soft.


Ferment them

Beet kvass. It’s a thing.


Pickle them

Pretty classic way to eat beets, I guess. Here’s a recipe.



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