Forget that you thought you knew what carrots tasted like. Ours are sweet and crispy. Good luck getting them home without eating them all.


Eat them raw

Just EAT THEM. You could also cut into wedges with a dip, grate into a salad…


Steam them

Classic kid-friendly healthy way to eat carrots. Cut diagonally and steam until soft. Smother with butter, salt & pepper.


Roast them

Cut into chunks or strips and roast at 450, coated in oil, salt & pepper. In a mix they cook a little slower so smaller pieces work better.


Fry them

Cut them on the diagonal and fry them in oil until you like ’em.


Grill them

If they’re large you may want to blanch them first. Coat with oil, whole, and toss on grill.


Ferment them

Here ya go. Also a great ingredient in mixed krauts and chis.


Pickle them

So good!



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